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Microglia Chemotaxis

Cell migration is a crucial function of macrophages that enables them to move to the site of injury. It allows them to respond to signals from damaged or infected cells by performing phagocytosis or releasing cytokines that recruit additional immune cells.

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C5A Concentration response:

Chemotaxis concentration response of iPSC-derived microglia-like cells to C5A at 24h. Cells were placed on the top chamber of the chemotaxis plates and C5A (0-12µM) was added to the reservoir plate. Chemotaxis was measured using an IncuCyte S3. The data are shown as object counts in the bottom chamber over time.

Chemotaxis over time:

Chemotaxis concentration response to C5A of iPSC-derived microglia-like cells over 48h. The object count in the bottom chamber was measured after the addition of C5A to the reservoir chamber using an IncuCyte S3.