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Differentiation models Astrocytes and co-cultures

Astrocytes are key players in neuroinflammation, and their response may be beneficial or detrimental for tissue repair, depending on the kind of stimuli offered by the environment. In vitro human co-culture models allow the establishment of biologically relevant cell-to-cell interactions that recapitulate the tissue micro-environment and closely mimic its physiology. Astrocyte differentiation is accomplished through ectoderm induction and generation of neural progenitors. A schematic diagram can be seen below describing the different steps and markers used in a standard differentiation.

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Neuronal and Glial Differentiations:

Human iPSC-derived astroglia differentiation timeline.

Day 75 hiPSC:

Day 75 hiPSC-derived astrocytes stained for GFAP (red) and S100β (green)